by Mette O'Connor


  • Diamonds are a girls best friend - April birthstone

    So April is well and truly upon us, we are living in hope of some milder weather and some sunshine. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

    Our featured gemstone this month is a diamond.

    Diamond symbolises purity, clarity of love and commitment. It is the a very hard stone and as a result works in all types of jewellery. It comes in many colours but clear / white is the most popular. 

    For more info on our products and designs check out the shop page on our website or contact us at or 01 2871515




  • Irelands Ancient East

    Inspired by Irelands history and Mette's scandinavian / viking ancestory our new Ancient East range takes the ancient and translates the shapes and colours into modern forms.

    Ancient East, Amethyst / Diamond ring Ancient East, Amethyst / Diamond ring


    Using gold and silver set with tourmalines, amethyst, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and coloured diamonds these pieces resonate luxury and opulence.  These pieces are currently instore and would make a great addition to your collection.




    St Canice Ruby drop earrings St Canice Ruby drop earrings

  • Autumn is arriving

    Well we are all back from our holidays and settling back in from our travels.

    We have lots of new things coming in October - we are launching a new range - inspired by medieval times, watch out on our social media platforms for more information.   Suffice it to say it will not disappoint our fans.

    We are also doing a new window this week which is always worth popping by to see, photos to follow next week.


    Stay tuned for lots more information on our upcoming events.


  • Changes!


    Aquamarine & Diamond 9 ct ringAmoc - Image 08 - High Res

    We are constantly striving at AMOC to keep up to date with social networking, we have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and post almost daily.  If you would like to be included in our new database for monthly newsletters please send an email to with the word include and we will put you on our mailing list.

     mb lunasafashionshow 140.jpg.t

    We will be launching a new collection towards the end of September, no details yet but stay tuned and we will keep you updated.  In the meantime what would you would like to see here? what can we do to make this better? what would you like to hear about? let us know on the email above.







  • Metals

    We use only precious metals in our pieces, silver, yellow, white and rose gold in both 9ct and 18ct and platinium.  All of our pieces are handmade, you can see our goldsmiths manipulating these metals into beautiful pieces.  Pop in if you are passing and watch what we do.


    Silver Cuff Silver Cuff







  • Peridot - August birthstone



    Peridot occurs in an olive green colour, depending on the iron content in the crystal structure in can vary in shades.  It is made up of Magnesium iron silicate and has a Mohs' hardness of 6.5 -7 meaning it would take a steel file to scratch it.

    Peridots can be found in Egypt, China, Burma, Brazil, Hawaii, USA, Australia, South Africa and Norway.  It also has a high birefringence (meaning the ray of light passing through it is broken in a number of rays), thus making it very easy to see the facets in the larger stones.

    Peridot was often used in ecclesiastical pieces and was most popular in the baroque period, it was thought to be brought to Europe by the crusaders in the middle ages.  It looks great with gold or silver but particularly well set in gold.


    IMG_1138  5/3 wrap ring 925 with peridotSilver & peridot earrings

    These are just a few samples of what we can do.

  • Reuse, Recycle

    At AMOC we very often get asked to melt down old gold and use old stones to make new pieces of jewellery.  Whether its a piece that has great sentimental value or a piece that you don't wear any more we can remake it into a new item and can help you to come up with the best design.IMG_5012

    One of our customers came in recently with a number of pieces of old jewellery that she wasn't wearing any more.  A lot of the pieces she just wasn't wearing and they didn't see the light of day.  She wanted to create new pieces.

    We melted down her old items, its amazing what the gold looks like when its melted down!

    IMG_5161IMG_5166 IMG_5186

    Mette guided her through the process and she decided to get a floating diamond ring and a diamond pendant.  While the ring and pendant were being made she was invited back to see it and try it on to make sure that it suited.  Sometimes we will do a mock up in silver to get the shape right.


    We think the end result is stunning!Diamond pendant - emer hand






  • Friday Sharing

    Good Morning all and welcome to our new updated blog!

    Moving forward we will be sharing with you some of our work on a friday - showing the process from beginning to end.

    At AMOC we pride ourselves in our unique, one off designs.  We make pieces from scratch using precious metals and semi-precious and precious stones.  Inspired by nature and Mette's scandanavian upbringing our unique pieces will take pride of place in any collection.

  • Eva Green wearing AMOC

    We were delighted to see our favourite Bond girl wearing our AMOC feather pendant, made in 9ct yellow gold. This is a lovely collection, available in many sizes and metals.DSCF1118

  • Christmas

    It's that time of year again to welcome our friends and customers into the studio to browse the collections and samples, a cup of Danish Glogg in hand, and choose the perfect Christmas gift for someone special.

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