by Mette O'Connor

About Us

The fairytale of AMOC Jewellery

ONCE upon a time, in Denmark, there lived a little girl who loved to draw and paint. As she grew, so did her passion for all things artistic. So she travelled the world, exploring and learning, seeing things that would inspire her forever more. And then she met her handsome prince and made her home in a small coastal town on Ireland’s east coast. That little girl is now a renowned jewellery-maker and spends her days creating fairytales in gold, silver and platinum for her many adoring clients. Her name is Mette (or Anne Mette, to give her full name) O’Connor.

Life isn’t always a fantasy but Mette has worked hard to see her dreams come to fruition. From studying at art college and serving an apprenticeship with a jeweller and gemologist in Sydney, Australia, to opening up her own boutique in 2007.

She set up her company, AMOC (based on the initials of her full name) 11 years ago. It is built firmly on her passion for jewellery design and serves as an outlet for her strong designs and artisan work methods. After some years of doing private commissions and catwalk work, Mette opened her boutique in Greystones, County Wicklow, in 2007. Combining a retail space and a creative workshop, this was a long-held dream of Mette’s.

The boutique sells magnificent, hand-crafted, ready-to-wear collections but Mette also offers a bespoke jewellery service, whereby clients come to her with an idea that she can bring to life. She explains, “I love the whole process - meeting the customer, drawing out the design, finding the right stone to suit the piece, shaping the metal and, last but not least, seeing the customer's reaction to their new piece of jewellery! My wish is for my pieces to have a special meaning to the wearer and bring a little sparkle to their day.”

And sparkle these pieces certainly deliver. Mette’s jewellery is made from silver, gold, or platinum, with precious and semi-precious stones ethically sourced (AMOC can also source Fair Trade gold upon request). But it is the timelessness and the beauty of the work that really makes it special.

In fact, much of her creative inspiration comes from her children and from her family life. “As a mother of four, it can be hard sometimes to tell exactly when inspiration strikes. It could be a dewdrop in my daughter’s hair, or a treasure of seaweed collected by my son. It could be a shadow on a leaf.” The ideas may be limitless but there is a sharp focus on the process of interpreting them into beautiful adornments that the wearer can treasure for life.

Wherever her inspirations come from, they grow to create magical pieces of jewellery, ideal for everyday wear, to give as gifts or to mark special events, almost all handcrafted right there on the premises. They can be bought in-store or specially commissioned. Either way, there are prices to suit all pockets....