by Mette O'Connor

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  • Reuse, Recycle

    At AMOC we very often get asked to melt down old gold and use old stones to make new pieces of jewellery.  Whether its a piece that has great sentimental value or a piece that you don't wear any more we can remake it into a new item and can help you to come up with the best design.IMG_5012

    One of our customers came in recently with a number of pieces of old jewellery that she wasn't wearing any more.  A lot of the pieces she just wasn't wearing and they didn't see the light of day.  She wanted to create new pieces.

    We melted down her old items, its amazing what the gold looks like when its melted down!

    IMG_5161IMG_5166 IMG_5186

    Mette guided her through the process and she decided to get a floating diamond ring and a diamond pendant.  While the ring and pendant were being made she was invited back to see it and try it on to make sure that it suited.  Sometimes we will do a mock up in silver to get the shape right.


    We think the end result is stunning!Diamond pendant - emer hand






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