by Mette O'Connor


'When my partner and I got engaged I quickly discovered from looking around numerous jewellers that I didn't particularly want what would be considered a 'typical' engagement ring. This made our search for the perfect ring very difficult, that is, until I discovered the Amoc website and I suddenly felt as if there was light at the end of the tunnel! I'd never have believed that we could afford to have a ring made, but Mette showed us that we didn't need to completely throw our budget out the window in order to get exactly what we wanted. The work Mette does is amazing and we are eternally grateful for the wonderful ring that she made us. I would highly recommend Amoc to anyone looking for that special piece of jewellery, whether as a gift for yourself or others!'

- Aveen Allen.

"Before the birth of my third child, I decided that I would like to have a piece of jewellery made once the baby arrived. I had always dreamed of three children and felt wonderfully complete at the prospect. I don't usually wear much jewellery and wanted something that I could wear all the time so I decided on a ring. Deciding on the goldsmith was a bigger task - I knew that it would only work with someone who I would feel comfortable dealing with as well as liking their style. I checked the Craft Council of Ireland's website to find designers close to me. Later the same week, I just happened to be in Greystones and saw a sign for AMOC. I went home and checked out the website before sending an e-mail. The rest is history and the result is a beautiful ring that I can't leave the house without! I had some loose ideas about what I would like the ring to look like and Mette somehow refined these into exactly what I thought I would like. The whole process was positive and Mette was at all times charming and professional to deal with and delivered my ring on time and within budget. I had never commissioned a piece of jewellery before and did not know quite what to expect but dealing with AMOC was a wholly positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Almost two years on and I am still as delighted with my ring. Having something made for you is a special event and one that lasts."

- Marie Doyle.

"I fell in love with Mette's jewellery when I first came across it. My husband and I were looking for a ring to celebrate the birth of our first child. She designed a beautiful ring that I love. My husband subsequently worked with her to design a bangle that is my favourite piece of jewellery and that I feel special whenever I wear."

- Trish.

"I purchased my engagement ring at Amoc after careful research on the internet. I was looking for the perfect ring that wasn’t a solitaire or diamond of any sort! So I fell in love with the many colourful stones in Amoc. My fiancé and I made an appointment and Mette greeted us with warmth and welcomes. She is a genius in her field. I chose my aquamarine stone and came back only 4 weeks later to find the perfect piece waiting for me. It’s not just a ring, it’s a piece of jewellery and it captures the many skills and talents of the jeweller. The stone was cut perfectly and glistens with beauty. The band is embellished with the etchings of a diamond and feels coarse to feel but wonderful to wear. The ring itself is squared off at the bottom, which makes it a perfect fit. Rather, it fits like a glove. We found Mette to be professional, talented and open minded. If you are searching for something different do not pass by this little haven of jewellery heaven!"

- Audrey.

"I had it in my mind for a very long time that I would like a ring made using an aquamarine stone for an important anniversary. Another jeweller I had approached recommended Mette and Amoc Jewellery to me. I met Mette and explained what I had in mind and she really exceeded my expectations in every way. I hadn't been entirely sure what I'd wanted but Mette made me the most beautiful ring and matching earings that I absolutely adore and hope to leave to one of my daughters one day. To say I am pleased is an understatement and I would highly recommend that you visit Mette and ask her to make something special for you too - what she made me is priceless."

- Joanne Dormer.

"Mette designed and crafted the rings over which we exchanged our wedding vows. These beautiful rings emerged out of a wonderful process and interaction between Mette and ourselves. Mette truly listened, advised and experimented until everything was absolutely perfect. Mette is a wonderful artist and we are so happy that she was able to create for us a unique set of rings fully reflective of the thought and emotion we all invested in the process."

- Tomas Ward.